Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Last minute stuff!

Just a few last minute details!

1. Reminder: Music should be on CD, and MP3 player as a back up. The school has told me there will be a sound system available.

2. Bring $$$: There will be a raffle AND vendor for you to win or buy some sweet schwag.

3. Support our sponsors: This year I received an overwhelming amount of prizes from many companies, check the site for a complete list and make sure to support their companies and buy their products!

4. Before the contest: If you want to meet up Friday night, we will be hanging out at my house around 7 P.M. The address is 3403 Foothill PKWY 78731.

5. The best place to park will be the south side of the building which is closest to the cafeteria. There will be signs around to help direct you to the right place, keep on the look out for those. If you have any issues, call me at 5125896041

Thanks again yall! See you soon :)

p.s. check out the prizes! (7 metals, 30 plastics, and over $400 in gift cards!)